Dania Pointe Named Most Intelligent Mixed Use Project

Kimco Realty’s Dania Pointe was recently recognized at the 2019 IBcon Commercial Real Estate Conference and Expo in Nashville, Tennessee where it received a “Digie Award” for MOST INTELLIGENT BUILDING PROJECT – MIXED USE project. MCG Architecture is thrilled to have been part of the design and development of the Dania Pointe project.

Dania Pointe, located in Danaia Beach, Florida, is truly a state-of-the-art project in terms of its fiber infrastructure. It is the first open-air center to deploy “full fiber to the edge” technology – the first layer in enabling the property for an impressive set of advanced capabilities that will enhance the tenant, shopper and resident experience.

ibcon award for dania pointe

Since 1999, Realcomm has presented the Commercial Real Estate Digital Innovation Awards– otherwise known as “Digie” Awards– to industry leaders who are improving the corporate, commercial, institutional, and government real estate industries while managing immense amounts of information and systems to operate. Because managing such large amounts of information can be extremely intensive, innovation often stems from these projects.

Separate award categories were created for Realcomm and IBcon in 2012 to more accurately categorize automating real estate processes and development intelligent systems, buildings, and portfolios. Since then, IBcon has become the world’s industry-leader in discussions regarding next generation, sustainable, connected buildings.

As the recipient of the Most Innovative Building Project – Mixed Use project, Dania Pointe is considered to be leading the charge in mixed use development.