Our latest work

MCG works closely with clients to anticipate emerging trends in each project type, capitalize on proven, successful formulas and deliver quality design and professional services. The firm’s ability to preserve timeless history while suggesting a dynamic future can be seen in projects worldwide.

We have it covered

MCG is able to do projects in 48 States, Puerto Rico and five Canadian Provinces. See the map below for some of the locations of our current projects.

Our history

Founded in 1927 by Robert Ainsworth, the office operated as a sole proprietorship and undertook institutional, industrial and residential architecture. Many of the finest civic buildings in Pasadena and single family residences throughout the San Gabriel Valley were designed by Mr. Ainsworth. Robert McClellan joined the company in the early 1950’s and, in the ensuing years, helped to expand the realm of architectural work to commercial and mixed-use projects. The firm operated as Ainsworth & McClellan.

Adolfo R. Cruz and Frederick J. Gaylord joined the office in the mid-1960’s. The company continued to expand to more diverse architectural projects and in the early 1970’s, upon the retirement of Mr. Ainsworth, incorporated the office as McClellan/Cruz/Gaylord & Associates. In the late 1990’s, McClellan/Cruz/Gaylord & Associates was incorporated as MCG Architects.

In 2007 the company was transitioned from Frederick Gaylord to Scott Hoffland, Kevin James and Brian Tiedge, then in 2010 the corporate headquarters was relocated from Pasadena, California to Cleveland, Ohio and was incorporated as MCG-HJT, Inc., dba MCG Architecture.

Originally, the work focused in Southern California. Since 1970, the work has expanded to all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. The architectural services have commensurately expanded to address the requests for overall land planning and interior design and production.

The office specializes in commercial work and has, over the years, expanded that specialty to a broader definition by including shopping centers, office buildings, hotels, mixed-use urban and suburban developments and land planning.

The growth of MCG Architecture is perhaps best exemplified in the number of branch offices that have opened in the past 20 years. Offices in Irvine, Denver, San Francisco, and Cleveland have full-service capabilities to the requests of a growing client list.

In summary, the office, as McClellan/Cruz/Gaylord – MCG Architects – MCG Architecture has been providing quality architectural services for more than 50 years. Considering the original beginning in 1927, the office can proudly cite stable and uninterrupted professional service for over 90 years.